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Come buy diamonds, gold ... or just the accessories. Either way you won't have to pay an arm and a leg. Unless, you feel it is worth it to see the smile on that special someone!

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Fashion clothing

We know you look good. Even without make up. But if your hubby can spend time and your wallet in an electronic store, shouldn't you at least do window shopping at this event? If you trip up and end up spending some of his allowance, who can blame you - the clothes are not as expensive, but the satisfaction is immense. Again, you look really good in that new dress.

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Free Blood Pressure checks

Yeah you keep delaying the yearly check up. And didn't go last year either. You just need to rationalize it or be coerced to visiting. Just do a blood pressure check ... and you can decide for yourself. After all it is free - but we can't promise the doctor won't bug you to go back to your PCP for a full physical.

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Trinkets & Accessories

Yeah. We all need more on that wall in the house. Souvenirs from Ireland. from Australia. from Chicago. Wait, how can you not have one from Spring Fest. Puh-lease!

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Much More

Well buy a house on the spot shoudl you like it. Or a car. We will make it easy for you to find those at the event. We just won't be able to pay for it - that will be up to you!

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